Fast Forward

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to fast forward to the future.

Fast forward to June.

Fast forward to 2011.

Fast forward to 2013.

Then I wouldn’t have to go through this agonizing season of waiting.

But I guess seasons such as this are the seasons that are worth treasuring.

Because after all the pain, after all the exruciating agony… When everything is said and done, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it.

It’s worth all the nights of silence. It’s worth all the nights of tears. It’s worth all the nights of pure dependence on the Lord. It’s worth every second of waiting.

So I’ll just wait and see. I’ll wait and see how God is going to move in all these things. I’ll wait and see how He will cause all the cosmos to work for… this thing that I’m waiting  and praying for. I’ll wait and see how He will simply be glorified in this season of waiting, as well as after it.
I’ll cherish every moment. I’ll cherish every moment of this season.

Keri lang.

Simple “wala lang” wishes


“Yes, dear?”

“Would it be alright if I ask for something this Christmas…? It’s just a simple wish really… If it’s okay with you could give it to me, or you could — err — not give it to me… but either way… well… it’s just a simple wish… something that would make my Christmas vacation complete…”

“We’ll see.”


“Yes, dear?”

“You know what would make me happy this new year?”

“What’s that, dearie?”

“Well.. You already know.”

“Haha. We’ll see.”


“Yes, dear?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to say thank you.”

“It was nothing dear.”

“I love you, Dad.”

“I love you too, Mari.”

It’s funny. I’m smiling to myself, thinking how God never fails to grant my simple “wala lang” wishes. Sometimes I catch myself asking God for the simplest things, not really expecting that He’ll give in to my simple request. You know, it’s like that situation when you try to bum out a “libre” from a friend, but you’re not really expecting anything. Yet, in the end, you end up walking away with a free ice cream or a free nestle chuckie.

I usually ask those “wala lang” requests from Him during times when I need great encouragement. And it’s funny. Because as “wala lang” as those requests and wishes are… well… Right now, I still find that smile playing upon my lips, and I’m now greatly encouraged. Because I know that my Daddy God loves me very much.

And right now, as I ponder on my God answering those simple “wala lang” wishes, I find myself thinking, how could my Dad not give in to those requests that I’m already shedding blood for? How could He not be moved when I ask and contend for those things that indeed mean a lot to me?

I guess God is simply answering my simple “wala lang” wishes because He wants me to know that He could answer my big “I’ll die for this” wishes as well.

. . .

Edge of that Cliff

Happy new year. No mushy love stories for now. I’m all out of ideas (writer’s block?) – or rather, I’m still in the process of brewing up more ideas. But that’s okay. It’s time for a serious blog post anyway. (So hindi pala seryoso ang usapang pag-ibig…? Haha. Anu na nga ba yon, Shiela??? LOL).

A serious blog post. I’ve forgotten how to write one of those. Yeah right. Just joking. I don’t know how serious this blog post is going to get, so I’ll just type away…

2009. 2008 is over and now – it’s 2009. 2009. God, what does this year hold for me? Is this IT? Would it indeed be my year for soaring? Would it???

I remember last year, someone released a word to me and told me that 2008 was going to be my year. I held on to that word. Despite the shakiness of the first part of the year (guess who was emotionally unstable? Haha), what followed were months of breakthroughs, months of brand new experiences, months of just reaching towards greater heights… And indeed, it it was my year. Amazingly, it was. And so, during this New Year’s Eve, while the whole world continued to party, I spent the rest of its early morning going through each memory stone, thanking God for all the experiences, for all the lessons learned, for every trial and for every breakthrough… and just cried my eyes out. Because He has been so good. He is indeed so faithful.

And now it’s 2009. It’s the beginning of a new year. It’s the beginning of greater things. Greater challenges. Greater experiences. Greater breakthroughs.

But I have no idea what to expect.

Or maybe I do.

But I guess I’m on that cliff again, looking towards the unknown, feeling that strange mixture of terror and anticipation. I see the clouds below, covering all the jagged pieces of rocks that would pierce my body, should I fall.

But I won’t fall.

Because I know this is the year to fly. To soar. To soar above those rocks. And more than that. This is the year to soar above those clouds. Higher than I have ever been before.

Looking at my current situation, it seems oh so unlikely. But looking at my Daddy God, NOTHING is unlikely. Because through Him, all things are possible.

So I choose to believe. As I stand on the edge of this cliff, as I continue to look toward the unknown, I choose to set my eyes on Him, and believe in – and not be terrorized by – the things unseen.

Because I am ready to take this leap.

I will soar.

I will.

. . .