I Feel Change Coming

And it’s not just my slightly tanner skin.


It’s been three days since our plane landed at Clark Airport, three days since our arrival in the Philippines and I just feel… change coming.


Or rather, change happening.


On our first day back, I spent a moment of coffee release (or rather, blended iced tea release) with two of my friends (read: Melody Joy Gamboa and Frances Anne Tuanqui) at Café Antonio. We got around to talking about the Malaysia and Singapore trip and the lessons that we got from our grand adventure.


Frances mentioned that one thing that she learned about the most was us being royalty — us being sons and daughters of the King. Melody spoke about doing what she was created to do. Me? Madami. Haha. But I told them that the trip taught me a lot about me stepping into my call, about coming back from the land with a good report, and about friendship that goes beyond culture.


Now, a few days later, I’ve realized that I’ve learned more things apart from those that I’ve shared to my two friends.


First of all, I’ve learned about giving. I learned about giving every part of myself to a vision, no matter how much it hurt me. And I’m not just talking about finances here. I’m talking about time (come on, I can still remember the mito-poetika rehearsals that stretched on until midnight…). I’m also talking about talents (how on earth could I put more expression and emotion to my famous “as a fact” lines???). And not just time and talents. Service. Prayers. Everything. Every ounce of strength, every ounce of emotion, every ounce of me. But it was worth it all.


Secondly, I’ve learned about family. Family with the Filipinos in Malaysia. With the Filipinos in Singapore. I’ve learned to honor them more and to appreciate all that they have done. I really salute them for paving the way. In addition to that, I’ve also learned about the team – the Philippine delegates – being one family. That even if we were quite mixed (SOD, Humanities faculty – ganyan siya – and Mark – non sod but future sod, hehe) we could all work together as one. (Theme song of High School Musical 1 plays in the background – “We’re all in this together!!”)


Thirdly, as I have mentioned in my conversation with Frances and Melody, I’ve learned about friendship that transcends language, culture, and heritage. (Haha. I just quoted Sir Reagan’s script in Mito-Poetika there). I’ve made a lot of great friends during the trip, of which the most memorable was my long lost (almost) twin sister Azzah. Of course, who can forget Razi, Alyah (sorry if I get some names misspelled here), Des, Asielah, Alifa – err ruby – err ate Jane… I will never forget you guys! See you in cyberspace!


And lastly, again, as was mentioned in the Café Antonio conversation, I’ve learned about stepping into my call and coming back with a good report. I have had a taste of the promise land. And now I know that this really is what I want to do. I want to travel to nations, see places, try new food, meet new people – and most importantly – touch more lives. I was made for this.


That’s why I feel change coming. Because the way I see, the way I behold the future is not the same as before. My mind, my heart, and my spirit have all expanded in ways that I can not articulate in this blog entry.


But, as change is coming, change is also happening. Even during this post-Malaysia-Singapore-season-slash-aftershock I believe change is happening in me. Everything is being rearranged so that I can be equipped for my future.


And so I quote the lyrics of Lisa Gungor’s I feel change:


I Feel Change Coming

Lisa Gungor

I feel change coming.

I see the colors of leaves changing

To a beautiful sunset of yellows and reds.

So I lean my head back and take it in.


I feel change coming.

the warm summer breezes

have all blown away.

They’ve been replaced by the shiver and chill.

Of autumns own character.

I breath it in.


I feel change coming

And inside suspicion of some new season.
A wonder about what is about to begin.

So I lean my head back and wonder…


All my surroundings are telling me something.

One seasons ending but another’s beginning.

And somehow its similar to how You’re changing me.

Slowly I’m seeing change.


I feel change coming.

I see the colors of leaves changing

To a beautiful, beautiful sunset of the yellows and reds…

So I lean my head back, and take it in


I feel change coming.

Oh I feel change coming.

I feel change coming.

Yep. I feel change coming.

5 thoughts on “I Feel Change Coming”

  1. i love this song but i can`t find more lyrics by Lisa Gungor, album Canvas. do you have more?

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