Hold the Fruit Salad

Pineapple. Bits of sweet corn. Slices of apple, condensed milk and Nestle’s all purpose cream. Mix them together and you get a creamy and delightful fruit salad.

I sit, staring at the bowl of fruit salad and silently deliberate whether I should take a spoonful or not. Yes… no… yes… no. I pause. I poke at the salad and find my spoon being filled by the mixture of fruit and dairy. I lift the spoon to my mouth and pause. I start to think it over once again in my mind.

For one thing, it’s only 9:00 am. Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, one must eat a good and healthy breakfast to ensure that one has sufficient energy to get through the day. Still… A hearty bowl of fruit salad does not seem like a good choice for a healthy breakfast.

Oh sure. I could argue that it’s fruit. Fruit is healthy. Fruit is good for the body. There’s nothing wrong with eating fruit for breakfast.

But what about the dairy?

Oh sure again. I could argue that it’s dairy. Dairy is healthy. Dairy is good for the body. There’s nothing wrong with taking in dairy. After all, dairy contains calcium. Calcium is good.

But please. I’m just fooling myself. Fruit salad is a desert. And, even with its sweet and creamy goodness, a bowl of fruit salad would never substitute a good and hearty breakfast. Give me a bowl of rice. Give me a plateful of eggs and ham. No – hold the eggs and ham. Give me a plate of red eggs and tomatoes. Throw in a glass of milk with that.

I sigh. I’m still holding my spoonful but I return its contents to the bowl in front of me. Fruit salad is good. Fruit salad is healthy. And I should believe that that bowl of fruit salad is delicious in all its creamy goodness. But I choose to save it for later. Maybe I’ll have it after lunch instead.

So I stand up, head over to the fridge, and decide to cook for myself a decent meal.

Hold the fruit salad. I’ll have it later.

* * *

What’s with the fruit salad? Well, I’m speaking metamorphically here and I’m not talking about an actual bowl of fruit salad. Or maybe I am. Who knows?

But for those who have read A Page is Turned and got the message behind it – well, I believe that you had to do a lot of reading between the lines – because that blog was not all as it seemed to be. And the same is true for this blog. It may be about the fruit salad found in our freezer or it may not be about that fruit salad.

Well, just try to read between the lines. Because holding the fruit salad may not be all about food and good nutrition.

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