Lessons Learned from the Past Week

Amazing. If I could use one word to summarize my experiences from last Wednesday until today I would use that word. AMAZING. Simply amazing. (smart ba to? hehe)

Melancholy mode again. I’m at the office and I’ve just finished a cup of ginger tea (sosyal — yon pala salabat lang ‘to) because my voice has been terribly abused, having experienced the usual mixture of fatigue, overly high-pitched songs, sigaw sessions, teaching sessions, and daldalan moments. Not to mention pasaway moments when I would not only abuse my voice with more daldalan moments but I would hinder the restoration process by taking in large doses of ice cream, cake, and softdrinks.

Pasaway talaga. Anyway, enough about my voice. Let me go to the lessons that I have learned from the past week.

Lesson 1: The Library Contains Many Hidden Treasures

Nineteen treasures to be exact. Enough treasures to keep a birthday celebrator running around looking for 19 blue things but coming up with only 18 because some kid found interest in some blue fuzzy wires. Love you jai. I hope you didn’t regret coming to our cell meeting despite the fact that you had an exam that day. Special thanks also to Lisa for preparing the surprise. And Lara – thank you – for simply being there. (^___^)

Lesson 2: When You Come to the Point Where You’ve Lost Sight of Things – Go Back to Your First Love
‘Nuff said.

Lesson 3: If You Want to Officially Propose to Someone – Do it in During the Sunday Service
Hehe. ‘Nuff said as well.

Lesson 4: The Lessons that Your Students Teach You are Some of the Most Valuable Lessons that You Can Learn

I am a teacher by heart and by profession and therefore that is what I do. I teach. But within a learning area, it is not only the students who should learn, it also helps a lot if the teacher is willing and open to learn new things.

I have learned a lot from a semester of teaching CMSC124 and CMSC21. And I am open to learning more.

And about SOC1… I think I’m really going to enjoy this class. I’m happy how God is moving in the hearts of these “kids” and I’m happy that they’re getting a lot of things from the Lord and even from me — because I’m getting a lot of things from them. Hehe. Drama.

Lesson 5: God Can Move Through Any Person Who is Simply Willing to be Used by Him

Even if that person finds difficulty in praying in Filipino. Last Sunday, SOD Los Banos conducted a Gift Giving Program in Bayog. More than 20 families were blessed by the goods given to them. But I believe they received something more than material goods that day. Because after the performances and the distribution of the gifts, the members of the SOD came up to each one of the people there and prayed for them, asking for their needs and just releasing blessings from above to each one of them. I prayed for two mothers. I just released what I felt God was telling me to release to them. It’s funny (but still amazing) because I was praying in broken Filipino (sorry naman, inglesera kasi ako) but despite the fact that my grammar was all wrong and I constantly shifted to praying in English – God still moved. One of the mothers was crying when I finished praying for her. The other one didn’t really cry but I know that God still moved in her heart and in her spirit.


Lesson 6: Fatigue, Singing Rising, And Eating IceCream is Not Advisable for those People Who Wish to Preserve their Voice
Need I say more?

Lesson 7: God’s Children Are Indeed Called to Shine Like Stars in The Universe

Congratulations to Yuri Sta Maria for winning the 1st Place in the National Song and Song Writing Competition! All glory to Him, the God who Rocks!!! Congratulations to the Worship Team for just rocking it out for Him on stage. And of course, congratulations to Angel Dayao for winning the 2nd Place! Yeah! UPLB rocks…. Hoy Jova, bawal magtampo — congrats Jovelyn… God has given you an amazing voice. Aba. Diva??? Love you jovs. Congrats!

Lesson 8: Eating Cake, Ice Cream and Ice Cream Floats Won’t Help People Who Have Lost Their Voice
Pasaway talaga ako.

Lesson 9: I Still Have to Tame my Choleric Side
Sorry, Prince.

Lesson 10: Little Acts Mean A Lot to People
Love you Cristina Joy. (^___^)

Anyway, the bonding moment that we had with Cristina Joy during her birthday encouraged me a lot and made me appreciate my batchmates a whole lot more. Because of that, stay tuned for my next blog entry — “Moments with my Batchmates” where I’ll be writing down memorable moments that I had with each of my batchmates. Hehe. Drama lang.

Anyway, these are the lessons that I have learned from the past week. Great. Amen. I am excited for more. Amen Lord.

You are so amazing.

7 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from the Past Week”

  1. Memorable Moments with Your Batchmates?

    Don’t forget to cite those tambay moments when we were still in Men’s Dorm…if you were there.


  2. Meron yan.

    Okay nga yung medyo may bits of bitterness pa. Hehe.

    Pero, I didn’t realize na wala ka pala nung mga panahong iyon. Like, may SOD Men’s Dorm-Based (SOD-MDB) pa tayo nun, right?

    (Si Jona, bitter ngayon. Di raw siya nakasama kagabi dun sa granny-moments natin. Wahaha. Kawawa naman.)


  3. Adrian,

    Yah, may SOD-MDB pero di ako nakakasama pag bonding moments niyo na. Niyo. Niyo. Bitter???? hehe

    Joke lang. Malay ko ba.

    Basta. Abangan ang post ko!


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