“Unto You be all the glory…

Unto You be all the glory

Unto You be all the glory

Unto You be all the glory…”

God is just so good. He is so good. In fact He is even better than that. According to Pastor Dan, He’s “GOODER”. He truly is…

Yesterday, DMI celebrated it’s 17th year anniversary. It was awesome… Really. From the worship… to the preaching… to the three feathers that fell out of nowhere… to the time that Pastor Dan prayed for Kuya Paul, Ate Ahl, Kuya Carlo, Ate Zhalene, and Rev. Leif… and then Pastor Jimmy and ate Susan… All I can say is glory. Glory, glory, glory.

My throat is still sore and my voice hasn’t recovered yet, but my heart is just overflowing right now. Grabe. Grabe lang.

Our Dad is just so good. He’s so good. From the platform, I could see the sea of faces lifted up in adoration, overflowing with love for the Father. I saw familiar faces blended in with new ones… I saw hearts that stuck it out with God all those 17 years despite the times (including the time) of shaking worshipping with hearts that had just come to know God a semester before… I heard voices of those who cried out desperately for God to send forth His revival, voices that echoed in the right side of the main library… and I heard the voices of the people that were born out of those cries… Right now, all I can say is that indeed God is just so good; He is just so faithful and true…

And yet… even through all the joy, even with all the celebration… God – still my heart bleeds with tears – tears for the faces of those who I wasn’t able to see among the throng of faces in the DL Umali. The tears are not all tears of sorrow though. The tears in my heart are a mixture of tears of joy and pain. My heart rejoices for the people who weren’t there (Ate Jones, Tatay Les, Ate Jane, Ate Cati, Ate Mara, Ate Leizl…) because they are already somewhere else – released into the calling that God has intended for them. Yet on the other hand, my heart weeps for those who couldn’t come to the anniversary because – though they could – they simply couldn’t or wouldn’t. My heart weeps for bible studies and follow ups who still need to experience fullness of the Lord. It weeps for friends who, though they have already come to taste of that fullness have decided to take another path. And it weeps for brothers and sisters who are somewhere just out there… still longing to drink of God’s fullness… but have chosen not to take the road home to their family yet…

But I know my Father is faithful. I know that He is Mighty to Save. I know that He makes all things BEAUTIFUL… in His time… and JUST IN TIME.

I am believing for more for 2008. Father… Let Thy KINGDOM COME and let Thy WILL BE DONE. Amen. Amen.

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