Make me Whole

You see the wounds
Hidden deep inside my heart
You feel the pain knowing when they end
And where they start.

So I come Lord to You
I’m not ashamed to cry before You
‘Cause I know that You’re there
And I know that You care…


Could You heal this heart of mine?
Take away the pain inside?
Wash away the hurts and tears and make me new…

Could You take my brokenness?
Pick up the pieces once again
Then take me in Your hands and make me whole
Make me whole again…

Practicum-slash-Job Interview

(Thank you for your time. Okay, please send in the next applicant.)

Ms. Lubrica… Please have a seat. I see, so you are applying for an internship. I have read your resume and I must say, it’s very impressive. Your grades are not that bad either… But going back to your resume… hmm… I see that you don’t have any experiences working in the field of computer science… am I correct…?

Yes, sir. I believe that you are correct. However, as you can see in my resume, though I didn’t really have any experiences in computer science outside of class, I have, however, managed to accomplish a lot of projects inside class. As you can see, I’ve managed to create an interactive story book, a simple interpreter, a simple game… I’ve also led in a software engineering project –

(Interrupts) I see. Can I ask you a question…?

Yes, sir. After all, this is an interview.

Okay. How did you find those projects? Did you enjoy doing them.

Yes, sir. Especially the interactive story book. I really enjoyed that. It gave me a chance to be creative, to demonstrate my artistic and communication skills.

I see. What about the others?

Oh yes… I enjoyed working on those projects. Though much of those projects cost me a lot of sleeping hours…

That’s the life of a software engineer. Well, going back to the interactive storybook… you mentioned about communication skills. I have also read in your resume about your skills in this area. I see that you have worked as an editor in your school paper. And that you have been awarded as writer of the year… Tell me, what made you decide to take up a carreer writing programs instead of writing books and articles

Actually sir, it’s a long story. To be honest, if I were given a choice, I would probably taking up a course in communication right now. Perhaps Masscom in UPD. Or if not, Communication Arts or Development Communication in UPLB. However, I gave in to my parent’s request to search for another course, so here I am, a computer scientist in the making.

So have you grown to love computer science after almost 3 years of being bombarded with languages and algorithms…

I guess I could say that I have learned to love it… However… Sir, I hope you don’t mind me saying this… Sometimes, I can’t see myself as a computer scientist… Sometimes… I try to see what I’ll become after graduation. At the start of this year, I was somehow inspired to move to the field of education. Somehow I saw myself teaching and inspiring computer science students. However… after that… what? I know I can’t go on teaching forever… And when I move on to the field… (mari naiintindihan ka pa kaya ng interviewer???) I’m not sure if I would GO as a teacher, student or software engineer… You know… When I say I want to be a teacher… I really do want to be a teacher… but some say that I’m putting my “brains” to a waste… But I know I won’t because I would be imparting something to my students, something beyond head knowledge. What I really want to impart is life…

I see. If that is the situation, then why are we conducting this interview? I am, after all looking for a software developer and not an instructor.

I’m sorry, sir. I guess I got a little carried away. I guess.. I don’t know. I’m sorry. I guess… Uhm, can we just end this interview…? I’m so sorry to have wasted your time…

No problem. Come back when you decide to take up a carreer in software engineering…

Note: *Sigh.* Anyway, I won’t be this, uhm… unprofessional when it would come to real interviews… but… well… sigh. anyway.