I have a confession to make. I can’t sing. Well, actually that’s a lie. The truth is that I just have trouble hitting high notes.

Its little wonder why, at the choirs that I have sung in, I’ve been moved from being a soprano to an alto TWICE.

Still, not being a soprano has proven to my advantage. Why? Because it has taught me to adapt whenever songs in high keys are sung. My not being able to reach high notes have taught me to sing in second voice.

Whoa. I believe it was God who taught me how to sing in second voice. And I believe He has done it for a purpose. Because for the past weeks, I’ve been having revelations about harmonizing.

The thing is, only a few people pay attention to the second voice. Few people pay attention to the harmony of the song. Most prefer listening to the melody. Admit it. Whenever you sing accapella, (whoops, sorry for the spelling), you are most likely to sing the song in its original tune. People would laugh at you if you sang the second voice.

Yet, I’m learning a lot of things about harmony and how it is related to the roles we play in the Master Musician’s song. When you harmonize, you tend to sing your OWN original song, and allow it to blend in with the others. Just like the life that you live. You live out your OWN life, and, together with the lives of others, it forms a symphony, a harmony of different voices.

Harmonizing requires you to step away from the center stage. You are not the main melody. Your role is to sing in such a way, that you will no longer hear yourself. If you sing correctly, if you are in the right tune, then what you would be able to hear is not your OWN voice,  but the song, the HARMONY instead.

LIFE is not about taking center stage. It is about HUMILITY. Giving something yet not seeing yourself. Doing something great, yet seeing the effects AND NOT YOURSELF.

So that’s what harmony is. UNITY with the song of others. HUMILITY. Things that I want the world’s Conducter to continue teaching me. :)

Like an Eagle

This is a song whose words are written by Destiny’s senior pastor Ptr. Paul Yadao. The music is written by Vergil Ascabano… and it has been touched by the Father’s hand…

Like an Eagle

Standing on a rock
I can hear You beckon me
Your Spirit is rising deep inside of me

The winds of change has come
The time of waiting is over now

I will RUN TO YOU and FLY
Like an eagle in the sky
BY YOUR Spirit I will SOAR
on wings like an eagle…

Molting season has passed… and it’s finally time to take flight and soar… I’m above the clouds and my surroundings are oh so different, yet oh so familiar… I feel like this is where I belong… Yet I look back at the place where I have been, and SMILE. Father, Your ways are so much higher than mine. Two years ago, would I have believed it if You’d have told me that I would be back here…?

Maybe yes.

Maybe no.