In the eye of the Storm

Finaly. My much awaited
article containing the details about Milenyo’s aftershock. It’s finaly here. Or
is it?

Hahaha. Sorry. No Milenyos in this entry. Just
a peek into the “storm” that I have found myself caught up in for the
past weeks…

Date: October 17 – 21, 2006 (Pre-storm encounter)

From the wearther forecast: Clouds are a bit
gray.  There’s a slight drizzle. Winds blowing at 100kph.
(Mabilis na
ba ang 100kph??? hehehe). Possibly due to Typhoon Melody coming in from the
east coast and Typhoon Cynde from the west.99.99% possibility of a storm.

What a great week. GREAT. Sorry for the slightly
sarcastic tone. But when you’re loaded with exams (try having one exam per day
for one whole week)… well, being sarcastic is better than being irritated.
Much better than being impatient. And it is during this time that you realize
just how good the Lord is, that He is able to put up with a moody,
unpredictable person like you.

Date: October 21, 2006 (THE STORM HITS)

From the wearther forecast: Typhoon Mari hits.The
storm began coming in at around 1215hrs but reached its climax at 1300hours.
Clouds: black. Wind: 1000kph. Rain: Unstoppable.

This was after the MCOM meeting. God was there to
witness what happened to me in the prayer room, ate Cati and Vanet to witness
the events that occured afterwards. After a whole week of physical and
emotional stress, it was only during this point that I finally broke down. Why?
For the previous week, I was left with no time – no time to rest, no time to
breathe… no time to even cry. But dams just break loose when you can’t keep
it in anymore.

Date: October 22, 2006 (Relocation of Refugees)

From the wearther forecast: The storm shows a
slight chance of improvement. Clouds: Still black. Rain: was unstopable during
the morning, but somehow lessened a bit at 1300hrs. Winds: Slowing down to 120
kph. Refugees Melody, Cynde, and Mari relocated to Rhoda’s,



, and the Lumen residence

Have you ever experienced deja vu? A
feeling that this moment has happened before? I experienced that last Sunday.
Why? Because once again I found myself at the back of the Olivarez Cinema
during the time of worship, unable to make myself go in front (once again due
to my emotional turmoil). And suddenly the worship team begins with the first
song – “I am a friend of God…” Haha. Deja vu alright.
(pardon me if the spelling is incorrect).

And yet… well the events that occurred during
this Sunday were weirder than the last. The last Sunday that this happened –
well that was PAINFUL – but this one – this one was STRESSFUL. And yet the Lord
managed to give me some encouragement…

Encouragement1: A dream of encouragement(?) brought to life. During my few
hours of sleep that night (morning?) I dreamt of seeing some SOD’s and even
some SFC’s (still in the UPLB campus) joining us in our Sunday Worship Service.
Most of them had not been part of the fellowship for a long time. I know they
have their reasons. But in my dream I saw them.. even grabbed the opportunity
to welcome them back. And then that Sunday… I saw some of them. Hallelujah.
Too bad I was to stressed out to approach them and give them the welcome that
they deserved…

Encouragement2: Cynde prayed for me (thanks cyndz). Ate Mara prayed for me.


naman okay
na ako, sa dami ba naman ng nagpray na para sa akin.

Encouragement3: Gold dusts!!! After relocating to vanie’s house, it was
time to get to business. Malyn and I began rushing the project that was due the
following day. I began to simultaneously study for my 141 finals, also
scheduled for the following day. Then, there just came a point when I noticed
something in my arms… something red. Huh. Rashes again. The same rashes that
I experienced during those days before ate fe’s wedding. And then I noticed
something else… something was glittering… and then I realized… GOLD
DUSTS! Hallelujah. I checked my arms… my hands… and just to make sure even
my thighs (hehehe)… and though these parts of my body were also filled with
rashes… I could see those gold dusts… hallelujah. Even after my bath, the
gold dusts were there… even before our initial presentation in 127, they were
there. Hallelujah…

Date: October 23-26, 2006 (The Storm Continues)

From the wearther forecast: The storm still
continues to keep refugees locked up inside their homes. Lack of lighting keeps
the refugees disoriented when it comes to time. Refugees go outside rarely.

Ito ang panahong kawawa na talaga ang mga comsci
student. I-picture mo nalang.

Monday – finals ko ng 141, initial
presentation ng 127, at submission ng 124. 5:00 natataranta na si Carlo. Halos
tumatalon na ata siya sa lobby ng ICS sa sobrang kaba. Mukhang kawawa naman si
malyn. Si mari? Nagpapacholeric na, dahil kelangan may taong choleric sa
panahong ang mga tao ay natataranta na.

Tuesday – Pumasok sina Eva at Joa sa
tahanan ni Vani bilang kapwa kong refugee. Sumunod si malyn makalipas ang ilang
oras. Laptop lamang ang kaharap namin. Si eva nababaliw na sapagka’t ayaw
magconnect ng laptop niya sa oracle. Nagloloko lang pala ang error message ng
oracle. Matagal na pala kaming nakakonek. Lumalabas lang kami para bumili ng
pagkain at humingi ng tulong kay maam ria. Ang pasahan ng aming proyekto ay sa
kinabukasan na.

Tuesday (Gabi) – Umuwi si eva para maligo.
Babalik daw. Kasama niya si Joa. Pagbalik nila, dala dala nila ang mga kape na
aming pinabili.

Wednesday (madaling araw) – Wala pa
gaanong nangyayari sa aming proyekto. Okay naman kami ni Joa , ngunit sa
palagay ko, nag-iinfinite loop lamang sina malyn at eva. Gising pa rin kami, maliwanag
na sa labas. Ni isa sa amin ay di pa nakakaidlip. Pagdating ng ala


heto na ang linya ng
mga tao:

Vanie: “ayoko
na… gusto ko na matulog… aww…”

(tono: nagpapaawa)

Malyn: Tahimik. Tapos, “Paano
kaya kung…”

Eva: “Hindi.
kasi….” (tono: um, choleric)

Uy, wala ba kayong balak na mag-aral ng 131?”

(10:00 ang finals namin doon)

Mari: “Tama
na. 7 na. Aral na tayo. Mamaya nalang natin

ituloy pagkatapos ng exam.”

Wednesday (gabi) – Nalaman ko nalang na
may EXECOM meeting. Di ko kinaya. Nagpaalam ako kay kuya JikJik. Hindi ko pa
kasi nasisimulan ang proyekto ko sa 150. 11:10 kinabukasan ang presentasyon ko

Thursday (madaling araw) – Gising pa rin
si mari. Nababaliw na sa simplex, sa linked list, arrays, Gauss-Jordan at mga

Thursday (umaga) – Natapos ang
presentasyon. Hahaha. Mukha na akong kaawa-awa sa harap ni maam Aguila.
Hanggang first iteration lang ng simplex ang natapos ko. Nakausap ko si maan
pagkatapos. Wala din siyang tulog. Nakakaawa naman kami. Buti nalang na-exempt
kami sa 127. Bawas sa aaralin para sa sabado.

Feels like I’m walking in the rain na pagkatapos.
Di pa kasi ako naliligo.

Date: October 26-27, 2006 (The Eye of the Storm)

From the wearther forecast: The storm begins
to clear. A few clouds still begin  to loom over the horizon but winds
have slowed down and the rain has ended.

I’m in the eye of the storm. Once again there’s
room to sleep, room to breathe… even room to catch up with the ministry (and
post some blogs!) Hahaha. Also room for my atm to be eaten up by a machine and
room to attempt to retrieve it. In other words, I need to get going. hahaha.

Pero diba sabi nila, ang eye of the storm ay gitna pa lamang? So ibig sabihin,
may paparating pang isa… prepare for the outpour….


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