Leave a mark

“When you leave this room, ask yourself this question – was I, in any way, able to make any significant contribution to today’s class?” The class expresses their amusement as Kuya Lester – just to make his point – makes his way towards the doorway of the cramped Pages office, pauses, and acts as if he is in deep thought.

I believe that it was during my first day in SOL2 that the scenario above occurred. A lot has happened since that time. I experienced so many things and I know that three pages would not be sufficient if I try to list them all.  From that time that Kuya Lester uttered the words above, through that point when we migrated to the ministry center because the Phil Reality office was not large enough to hold us all, and to that memorable game which included a concept about “feet-poolness”… it would take a book to describe all the lessons, insights and revelations gained from those experiences. That is why, for this paper, I have chosen to focus on one thing that would not only (somehow) sum up my SOL2 experience, but would also be memorable enough for me carry with me until I finish this race.

The scenario that I have given at the beginning pretty much describes that one thing. Being able to make a significant contribution to something. And, on the long run, being able to leave a mark in the hearts of men.

Okay, so maybe I kept silent most of the time in class. Perhaps I wasn’t as active as I could have been when it came to the class discussions. But there were some “shining moments” when I was able to contribute something significant, something that was worth sharing.

One “moment” was when I spoke up (yehay) in the Pages office and shared that breaking of bread was one of those things that knit our cell together. Another “moment” was when I gave a report on our group’s discussion about strategies for success in building a cell at IRRI. Another was when I put in my two cents when we talked about the problems that we face during cell meetings. Of course, I also participated during the small group discussions. However, the moments when I spoke up in class were breakthroughs for me, because I have always been the type of person who prefers listening to speaking up.

There were also some moments when I knew that the even the small part that I played (during role plays, bible games, charades and other similar activities) contributed to the development of the class. At least during those times, I could leave the room knowing that I have made a significant contribution.

Yet, as Kuya Lester often says in the class, it does not end here. Sure, I may have made a contribution to class – but what about outside class?

That is why I value this lesson so much. Because I want to take it beyond the SOL2 classroom walls. I want to not only leave a room knowing that I have made a mark in the class discussion – it is my desire that I would be able to step out of my sphere of influence as well knowing that I have made a mark in the hearts of men – that I was able to contribute something of great importance to their lives. And I also want to end life here on earth with the knowledge in my heart that I have made my mark – for the Glory of God.

I remember that session when Kuya Lester asked all those people who wanted to be pastors to stand up. Then those people who wanted to go to the nations. Then those people who wanted to preach to a large crowd. That was a particularly memorable session because it somehow gave a slight reflection on what marks the SOL2 people (people whom I have learned to love, honor, and respect) wanted to make in history. It gave a glimpse into what was in the hearts of our generation’s leaders. And it showed that we truly did not intend to leave everything just inside the SOL2 classroom walls. That we intended to live out
everything we learned through our respective dreams and callings.

Sure, there were a lot more SOL2 lessons and experiences – learning how to facilitate small group discussions, receiving and giving motivating words to my classmates, and going through the whole SOL2 experience with people who were so much older in spiritual years – but it was this lesson that made the most impact in my heart. Because that is indeed my desire. It is my desire to leave my mark in history. To leave my mark in the hearts of men. All for the glory of God.

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