Twenty Five days to go until October ends.

Fourteen days to go until the last day of classes.

Fourteen… thirteen… twelve… eleven… ten… nine…

Okay. Calm down. (Why do I constantly need to say that to myself???)

This semester is my DO-OR-DIE sem. Most ICS teachers would describe this as our "bloodiest" (err.. pinakamadugong) sem, the sem where you would definitely feel that you ARE a computer science student. With four CMSC courses, who wouldn’t? The thing is, this sem, I don’t have to juggle just those four CMSC subjects. I have to juggle an additional one – CMSC141, which, honestly, I’m not really doing that well in. (Ohws??? Yup. That’s the plain truth).

Arghhh. Enough about the acad talk, about the geek talk and all. Fourteen days more and this will finally be out of my system. (Okay, so maybe I have to face three days of final exams before I can finally rejoice. And maybe I have to go through all those project presentations before I can say that this sem’s a wrap. And maybe I have to see if I passed cmsc 150 and 141 before I can jump up and say "I SURVIVED!!!").


Step by step we’re moving forward little by little we’re taking ground…

Grrr… I did not want this blog entry to turn out like this. And I do NOT want to sound like I’m really stressing. Grrr…

We stand and lift up our hands, for the JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH…

Okay. I’m just going to take each day one day at a time. One day at a time. Hey, I know with my great Dad, I’m going to make it. Even if I’ll be totally exhausted at the end of each day (and even if I don’t realize that the end of the day has already passed and that I’m already on to the start of the next) … I know that He’ll simply carry me through it.

Michelle Tumes sings it out:

Hold on to Jesus

I’ve found love (so true)
I’ve found peace in my heart
(Lord, let Your grace and shalom be upon me each day….)
I’ve found joy that no one could describe
(yup. the joy of the Lord is definitely my strength)

When I lay down to sleep
(somehow I don’t see myself doing much of that in the weeks to come)
There’s a voice inside keeps telling me something that I ought to do

(and what is that?)

You’ve got to hold on to Jesus
(This is my only assurance… That I have Jesus to hold on to)
When your heart is crying
(Yup. It’s definitely crying…)

The world is dying
(I saw that in Milenyo’s aftershock. Speaking of which, I wonder how UPLB finally is, after a whole week of rest…?)
You’ve got to hold on to Jesus
(Yes Lord, I’m holding on… and I WILL continue to hold on)
When your life has had enough.

(I will.Even when my heart is so tired. Even when my emotions are spent out. Even when my mind and my emotions tell me that I won’t be able to make it but my spirit calmy tells my that I will. Even when every burden – burdens concerning my academics, my family, my friends… relationships… everything else… – seem too much to bear. I will. I WILL HOLD ON TO JESUS.)

And as time goes by the tick of the clock is not enough for me (so so true)
And as time goes by I’ll give Jesus my alegiance…(Amen! Lord, I’m going to live every moment for You. Every moment as a song of praise, every moment as worship, every moment as a LOVE SONG to You. You know my heart. I pray, let not this heart depart from my spirit. I don’t want to be burdened by the things that I do. I simply want to live for You. I don’t want to be burdened by the things that are going on around me. I simply want to be a child who can talk about those things to my Daddy. Dad, help me. I need Your grace. I won’t be able to make it without You.)

I feel much better now.

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