In your eyes
                                I see

                           In your eyes
                                      I perceive
                                                 Anguish that goes down

                                                    In your eyes         
                                             I observe
                                        The whirl of emotions
                                     That you cannot contain
                                           Nor explain…

                                   But in your eyes
                            I see

           Beauty longing to break free
     Because deep in the eyes that contain misery
   Lies a silent hope
  that I will indeed make things the way
  they were indeed meant to

                                                 My child
                                             Look into Mine
                                         And see Eyes that
                                      Eyes that heal
                                     Eyes that restore
                                   Eyes that say “Be whole,
                                                            My child,
                                                  once more.”

They say that our eyes are the windows of our soul. Through our eyes, things that we do not intend to reveal could be seen with just a glance. A lot of secret emotions could be seen with just one look into our eyes. Pain. Hurt. Agony. You name it.

A lot of times, we choose not to reveal these emotions. That’s why we tend to look away when our hearts are on the verge of breaking. Yet, there are a pair of eyes that see the things that we try so much to hide from others. Our Father’s eyes.

He sees everything. He does not need to look straight into our eyes to know the things that we are going through – the things that we are feeling. Yet He still chooses to let His gaze burn into ours. He still chooses to look at us directly in the eye.

Even when we try to avoid His gaze, He, in His own gentle way, still chooses to lift our gaze into His. We may come to Him with downcast eyes, afraid of the things our eyes might reveal, or afraid to look into the eyes of the One whom we love, but He would just simply draw our eyes unto Him. Unto the eyes of the Father. Unto the eyes of our Dad.

What else can I say?

2 thoughts on “Eyes”

  1. bakit sobrang real na yung poem ngayon…? of all times??? “And I can’t understand, All that You allow
    I just can’t see the reason
    But my life is in Your hands And though I cannot see You
    I choose to trust You…” And I choose to look into Your eyes…

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