Rain Down…

It’s raining… hahaha. I’m stranded here inside an internet cafe with a couple of friends, waiting for the rain to subside. Yet, in the spiritual realm, I don’t want the rain to stop.

Halleluja! Let it rain, LORD! Let it rain! Let it rain! Open the floodgates of heaven and let there just be a downpour… a downpour of Your Spirit.. a downpour of Your Love… Let there be a downpour and let it flood all over the Earth…

Whoo! It’s just so crazy right now. I’m so tired – physically. Emotionally? There came a point yesterday when I just felt so spend out. Yet I’m alive. SO alive. It is God’s Spirit that sustains me.

God is simply so amazing. You might be wondering what prompted me to write this entry (besides the rain outside and the obvious absence of my umbrella). However, as much as I want to give you some background… no words could simply be enough to describe everything that has happened this weekend, everything that God has revealed, everything that God HIMSELF has done.


I stand amazed seeing changed lives. Seeing HARD hearts being so undone by HIS power, and by HIS power alone. Si Lord na yun, e. I am amazed. So amazed.

God is raising up a new breed of HISTORYMAKERS… people who will leave a mark in this world. PRINCES and PRINCESSES who will bring GLORY to HIS Name. So be it, Lord. So be it!

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