We are His Children

I’ve learned a lot of things this day. Some of the lessons that I learned came when I least expected it. One thing that I would like to share to you concerns, as the title implies, being a child of God.

This morning, during the Sunday Service, I once again had my taste of …err… motherhood. Okay, it really wasn’t motherhood. It was more like zoo-keeping. Erhm… Herding. The thing is, the kids at the service were, well, being kids. They were running around the cinema, chasing each other, giggling… you know how children are. Anyway, one particular sister gave me a look and, right away, I knew what that meant. I ended up chasing three boys who stubbornly refused to behave. They did not want to stay still. They did not want to stay at the place designated for them. They wanted to play. They wanted to enjoy. And they really did not want anyone to stop them.

So I gave up. I ended up guarding one of the doors to the cinema, trying to keep the kids out.

I only cought a few parts of the preaching. I probably only got around to that part where Ptr. John summarized the 4 Ss – simplicity, stillness, solitude, and surrender. It was only during the time of worship that those 4Ss created a rhema in me. I was at the back, a little bit weary from my encounter with the ministry kids. As the team began to sing Cindy Rethmeier’s “Abba Father” I noticed one of the kids standing beside me. And then it struck me… we are children of God. CHILDREN. Okay, so there’s a difference between being child-LIKE and child-ISH, but nonetheless… do you get my drift? There are times that we become like those children. We run away from God, enjoying that game of chase. We want to get our own way when God tells us to BE STILL, SURRENDER. After the burden that those kids have given me… I can’t imagine the burden that the FATHER must feel because of me…

I stand amazed at God’s patience. Sometimes I feel as if He indeed is saying, “Mari, stop na. Surrender na. Be still. Spend time na tayo. Dito ka na.” But then I go on my own way saying, “Dad, mamya na. Kailangan ko pa to gawin.” But He is still so patient, so faithful…

What a Father. And the amazing thing is that WE ARE HIS CHILDREN.

We are your children
Born of your Spirit
Called by your name
Chosen by your hand we belong to you

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