There is a fire burning deep within my heart – a fire that I did not expect to light up in the first place, considering the fact that my previous season was, well, anything but fiery.

Yet, now this fire burns deep within, it burns so bright (hey, is that the lyrics to a song??? ^-^) … I can’t explain it. Honestly, I want to get out of my pity party, step out of my comfort zone and GOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Go where God wants me to go… Do what He wants me to do without any hesitations… 

I’m excited for the next school year. Yes, I am partly nervous, but this fire has consumed all the fear that has built up inside me during this year’s summer classes. This summer, I felt helpless, insecure… as if I couldn’t move on anymore. Yet, God used that time to draw me deeper into His embrace. He used that time to teach me that He is indeed my soul Suffieciency… my Strength when I am weak… the Love that carries me… (oohh, another song -LOL). And I really treasure that season, because through that season, God has indeed taught me a LOT. Yet, I know that it is time for that season to end. It’s time for a new one. Ibang level naman.Now, I want to jump up and down, go crazy in praise and worship… waaaa… I feel like a soda bottle that’s all shaken up.

I don’t know how to contain this excitement. I won’t be going back to LB until next week so the most that I can do right now is do things in the spirit…

Ooh boy. Right now, it is my prayer that God will fan this fire into flame. It is also my prayer that, somehow, my batchmates will be able to catch it. I believe some already have it in their hearts, burning the same way that it is burning in mine…

Whoo! GLORY!!!!

… I know that human zeal is never enough. Far be it that this is JUST human zeal… Lord… Let it indeed be Your fire that burns inside my heart… Let it indeed be Your Spirit fanning it into flame… Oh God, I want more of You… I want to see more of You… in the SOD… in DMI… in the lives of the people around me… show me Your Glory… show me Your GLORY…

Don't forget to show some love! ^_^

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