Hold my Hand

I’m at this stage of my journey

When all I can do is rely on You
I’m in this season in Life when
You are the ony one who can understand me

I’m in this place where I can’t determine
What lies ahead in this road that I’m taking
I’m at this point where You are the only one
Whom I can hold on to…

So Jesus hold my hand and never
Allow me to ever let You go
I’ll never be able to make it without You
Jesus, hold my hand…

I can’t explain what is this that I’m feeling
It’s as if all I want to do
Is cry out to You
I feel so helpless and fear keeps me doubting…

But I know that You’ll hold my hand
And I know that You’ll never let me let You go
I know that I can make it with You by my side

I know You’ll hold me, Lord
You will carry me
You will be my strength and my guide
You will lead me, Lord…