Eighteen Things that I am Thankful for

Hahaha. I can’t believe it. I’m already eighteen years old. I didn’t have any "eighteen roses", "eighteen candles", or any of those other eighteen whatevers… Yet I feel so blessed because I have eighteen things that I can be thankful of…

one. I am so thankful for my roomate, Melody. Hahaha. Those final days in LB were a laugh. It’s too bad that we couldn’t commute to Cubao together, but… God had other plans… Anyway, Mel, I really did enjoy those… uhm.. bonding moments together (*the themesong of moments of love plays in the background*).

two. Marra Ann! I am blessed by this sister who stayed… who helped out in decorating the ministry center when nobody else wanted to volunteer… who gave me that bracelet… and who gladly served the Lord despite all those things that she was going through.

three. Ate Nevelyn… for making me cry once again. Okay, so that was a joke. I’m just thankful for her… :)

four. Myles, baka magtampo ka… :) Thanks for helping out in the ministry center even though you were supposed to go home… thanks for the delightful coffee that morning… and thanks for being such a good sport. :)

five. I am thankful for my textmates … miss Jonalyn Nunez and Francess Ann… even for my bossom Bina… Jonalyn for taking the boredom out of cooking the 8 kilos of rice (try texting while simultaneously cooking in three rice cookers…), Frances and Bina for making the trip home less boring.

six. Cynde… thank you for taking the effort to take care of the house matters… even for putting up with me when all those figures made smoke come out of my ears… Thank you also for apologizing… hehe.

seven. I am thankful for Marian and Kuya Ryan… who took that walk with me… Thanks Marian.. Your presence was what I really needed… Kuya… Sorry I couldn’t reply to your text…

eight. Ate Ice! Thanks for keeping me company during my brother’s graduation. I even thank you for accompanying me at the principal’s office… Thank you also for your stories… I really learned a lot from those stories that you shared.

nine. Ate Jezreel… thank you for your birthday gift and for the graduation gift that you gave to my brother. Hmm… I believe that the service was indeed for us (ka-chak ka-chak po ba?) though I believe we were touched in different ways.

ten. To the people at Maam Judith’s and Maam Jingle’s church (I’m sorry… I forgot the name…)… Thanks for allowing God to use you to speak to me…

eleven. Ate Ann, Kuya Andrew, Kuya Ryan… Myla and all those other people who gave their birthday greetings in advance (when I still had my cellphone!). Hmmm… I guess this would also include Ate Leizl, Ate Tintin, and Maam Hilda. Haha. Although some of you mistook the day that you greeted me as my actual birthday… thanks anyway.. :) I also thank the rest of the destiny family (hehe. thanks to those who extended their greetings through text… even after I lost my phone…)

twelve. My Aunt (Auntie Divine) and my Lola. I thank my aunt and my grandmother for being there during my brother’s graduation… Lola, thanks so much for the birthday song… and auntie divine… I am grateful for helping me take care of the atm and id matters… It really wasn’t your fault… thank you…

thirteen. Ate Jones – your birthday greeting was the only one that I received through text during my actual birthday! I also thank you for being a vessel through which God is teaching me a lot of things… Sheshe. :)

fourteen. Ate Patty. Ate… Thank you so much for understanding me… for knowing me in the spirit and for allowing to be used as the hand through which God can touch me… Ate, I have a praise report – God has indeed made this birthday special for me…

fifteen. I am thankful for those people who came and celebrated my birthday with me (Ate Jez, Marian and Ate Ice). Ate jez, thanks for the book (yup, i really hope that I learn a lot from it). Marian, I thank you for the certificate (thank you so much… hehe. walang iwanan. huwag kang papaiwan ha? (^_~)) and for the neverending supply of food…Ate Ice, thank you so much for the flowers…! Those really brightened up my day…  (also, this may seem out of place, but I also thank ela for her present… :-) )

sixteen. My brother – quantum thank you for being such a good sport. I hope that you had a great time during your graduation… I’m sorry our trip to LB was cancelled, but anyway, thanks for coming with me sa church… I hope that what you acquired was not mere head knowledge… I pray that you even acquired something more…

seventeen. My parents. Although you were far away, I still felt you love… I am grateful that God gave you to me… I appreciate you a lot. I love you.

eighteen. And now, for the thing (or rather the person) that fills my heart with the most gratitude – JESUS. My birthday would not have been complete without Him. In fact, without His presence, without His Love, without Him carrying me in His arms… my birthday would have been totally empty. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, because He taught me once again that it still is all about Him. Through all the things that have happened, He has shown me that He is my sole reward, that He is the Greatest Gift that I could have for my birthday…I am grateful for the faithfulness that He has shown me these past eighteen years of my life…

"Everytime I close my eyes, I’m filled with awe at all You’ve done… Everytime I think of You, I’m grateful for Your Love…"

God has indeed given me so much. Thank you Lord!

(and oh… to those people whom I have not yet thanked… your names are reserved for my manuscript… just joking. Thank you anyway.)

2 thoughts on “Eighteen Things that I am Thankful for”

  1. i learned a lot, ate… and thanks talaga sa lahat na care.. thanks sa pag alala sa akin, :)

    You’re the best sister anyone could ever have…

    ngayon ko lang kasi nabasa, thanks ha :)

    sa mga gifts mo din sa akin… don’t worry, ginagamit ko na yung mga verses na nakalagay sa hamburger-like case


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