Birthday Blues

It’s April 7, 2006. In two days, I’ ll be eighteen. Eighteen.

What’s with that number anyway? Is there anything special about that number? Every birthday is special… so…is this one supposed to be extra special???


I’m having the birthday blues. I guess it’s not that obvious, huh.

Sigh. Kakaiba talaga si Lord minsan. Minsan, hindi mo na siya maintindihan, pero sige lang. Parang ngayon.

I lost my phone this afternoon. I lost my wallet, my atm, my ID (for the second time) and every plan that I had for this weekend – every plan disappeared. Poof. Just like that. My brother and I were supposed to go to LB and Diliman (to follow-up his pending case), but… my pockets are empty right now and I doubt that the loose change that I have will even get us as far as Baguio City.

And so, I will be celebrating my birthday ALONE. Possibly alone with God. My parents are in Aklan right now and it’s just me and my brother. Sigh. I really had my heart set out on returning to LB for the weekend. Sigh. But that’s no longer possible. So I had my heart set out on giving the people here (ate ice, ate jez, marian, and my brother) a treat. Yet, that plan too is no longer possible (due to the lack of finances and communicating devices). Sigh.

Okay, enough with the sighing.

I don’t know what God is teaching me right now. Perhaps… perhaps… Sigh. Whatever it is, the lesson is going to be worth it. And I still choose to bless His name.

The song Blessed Be is just so real to me right now. It goes, "You give and take away… You give and take away… my heart will choose to say… Lord BLESSED be YOUR NAME…"

This is sure going to be one unforgetable birthday.

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