Back on Solid Ground

It’s back to reality.

After flying for the past weeks, I am once again back on solid ground. The only problem is, it seems that I am still suffering from jetlag.

The past week has been… I can’t even begin to describe how it has been. It was a different kind of experience, that’s for sure. The Palawan Experience is definitely a trip worth remembering.

Palawan. I’ve travelled many times before. Considering the high school field trips, the many visits to my mother’s home province (cebu), not to mention the frequent commuting between Laguna and Baguio city, travelling is not really a big deal for me anymore and has become quite a normal part in my system.

Yet, the trip to Palawan was different. Way different. For the first time, I did not sleep through the air plane’s take-off. For the first time, I had the opportunity to see the breathtaking view as the airplane prepared for landing.

There were many other firsts during that trip. It was my first time to ride a truck underneath the pouring rain for 5 hours… my first time to facilitate… to preach… to minister… God has been so gracious, allowing me to experience those things, carrying me as I learned to rely on His Strength alone.

A lot more happened during that trip. The dance with the Goodjaos. The impromptu preachings. The lessons about covenant, about intercession, and about identifying. There are many more to mention besides these – many more to mention and many more that are worth remembering.

The Palawan Experience is so great that even the events that occured BEFORE the trip are worth remembering. The Christmas Carols, the rummage sales… I’m actually overwhelmed just trying to recount them all. And what is even more overwhelming is how God planted great lessons and insights in each of the events (before, after, and during the camp) and how He used those events to mold me and to teach me more about life and His love.

But those things are over now. Though the lessons and the memories will remain, the fact remains that it’s January and now time to face my beloved instructors once again.

Sigh. It’s back to reality alright. I’m already swamped with requirements and exams. Yet, I can’t  help but feel that, somehow – though I AM back on solid ground – the ground that I had landed on is different.

Perhaps it’s because it’s already 2006 and new things are coming our way.

Or perhaps, it really is just jetlag.

Nah. It’s because it’s 2006 and there’s going to be an EXPLOSION.

Hahaha. Ang babangga, GIBA!

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