Fly, fly, fly

"I’m afraid to fly… and I don’t know why…"

No, I won’t be writing about love as the song seems to imply. I would be writing about flying, though, and this fear of flying that I desperately need to overcome.

Flying. Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, staring over the smokey clouds beneath? You are so high up and you are left with two choices – to stay right where you are, knowing that you’re in safe grounds or to take that single step…just a single step…a step that could either send you soaring high above the clouds or send you crashing to the grounds beneath.

Personally, I have never literally stood at the edge of a cliff faced with those two choices. But there are many times, especially during this semester, that – with just a simple question demanding a simple answer – I have been launched at a dizzying speed to the edge of that cliff faced with those two options.

Yes or no? To step out or not step out? To take the risk of flying or to have both feet in solid ground? Is now the time to fly? Is it time? Is it?

I feel scared whenever I am sent to the edge of that cliff. Yes, there is that thrill of flying, yet staring at the unknown is so terrifying.

It is true that "we live by faith and not by sight". I’m beginning to truly realize that- how important it is to just take that step of faith – no matter how terrifying it may be – and just let God be the one to carry you as you fly.

This semester, I have been sent to the rocky edges of that cliff for numerous reasons. The first time I stood there, I was PETRIFIED – to the point that I did not want to move. Yet, I thank God for His grace that allowed me to take that step. The second time involved evangelism and that experience was equally frightening. And now…

…I have once again taken a step of faith – by God’s grace. I am now looking at the clouds beneath and I haven’t crashed yet. If I let go of God, I’ll be hurtling to the ground at any given moment. Yet, I won’t let go.

I am surrounded by mist, by the unknown, but I am flying.

And oh so frightened as well…