Fragile Flower

Note: It’s all for His GLORY. It’s all about God. We are merely vessels which He uses… and chooses to use. He uses us according to His will, and it is trully an honor to be actually used by HIM for His Glory.


How can this fragile flower
Glorify Thy Name?
How will You use this simple life
To show Your Glory and Your Fame…?

As You use the sweetness of the songs of the birds up in the sky
As You show Your ingenuity through a simple butterfly
Though delicate as I may be
I give my life to be used by Thee.

Will You ever use me mightily
When I break so easily?
Yet not my will but Yours be done
So long as I serve Thee.

As You use a tiny mustard seed
The way You use a mighty tree
As the morning dew glorifies Your name
No less than the roaring sea
Though small and fragile as I may be
May I still be of use to Thee.

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