Lost in Your Embrace

When I don’t know what to feel
When all the pressures of this world overwhelm me
When everything seems so surreal
The faithful LOVE of my Lord sustains me…

When I don’t know what to do
When sorrows fill my heart and overtake me
I find my refuge in You
I let Your Holy Love come and heal me…


And everything becomes so silent
And all I hear are Your whispers in my ear
Reminding me that Your love is unfailing
And that You’d be there to always hold me near…

I’m lost in Your embrace

My Lord, I am lost in Your embrace
My Lord,I don’t ever want to leave this place
Can I spend forever with You?
Never leaving Your side
Never to let You go…

Search Me

Just when you think that you know yourself, you realize that the truth is… you DON’T. You find yourself driving yourself insane as you try to search for the answer to that question that keeps on resounding in your brain – the question, "WHO AM I…?"

*Sigh.* Who AM I? And why is that question so hard to answer… grrrr…. Yes, I know that I am Mari Anjeli, but the question is… Who IS Mari…?

So many questions. So many questions that lead to MORE questions. It’s frustrating if I would try to answer all of them. *Sigh*

Despite all these, it’s still comforting to know that, although many questions still resound in my mind, though the identity of "mari" is still unclear to me, there is Somebody who already knows the answers to these question… Somebody who already knows "mari" inside and out…

*sigh* The joy of finding comfort and peace in Christ.