Never Alone

I have often felt alone. Especially during those times when nobody was there to reach out and just give me a hug… when everybody else was doing their own thing… forgetting completely about me… those times when I felt so… so invisible.

There was a time when I did not know how to deal with this feeling of intense loneliness. I tried to lose myself in my own world – in the world of poetry, of writing, and of song – yet to no avail. It was useless. Though I loved being in my own world, I could never really deny that emptiness that continually lingered in my heart.

That was before.

Things have changed since then. Although friends still continue to abandon me at times, though sometimes the comfort of human warmth is not there when I need it… I realize that I am never really alone. Jesus Christ is always, and will always be by my side.

When I need comfort, He is there. When I need encouragement, He is there. When I need someone to inspire me, He is still there. When I need a companion, He is always there. Never, never will I ever be alone.

I now realize that my desperate attempts to wash away my loneliness are just THAT – mere desperate attempts. I could write, I could sing, I could make music… but if I do these things without God in my heart, it would be totaly useless. Because no matter what I do, if He is not there, that emptiness will never go away.

I am so thankful for His constant and unfailing love… so thankful that I will never have to go through this life on my own. Because you know what? I am NEVER ALONE.

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