Seize the Day

Seize the day… seize the day… I have heard this phrase so many times coming from the mouths of different people. Yet, though this phrase has often banged into my eardrums, it has often failed to reach the comprehensive part of my brain. I have heard it but I have never really understood it.

It is only now that summer classes are over that this phrase has made its way into my thoughts. It is only now that I have begun to see the importance of seizing the day.

I can’t believe how fast this summer was. It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was sitting on this same computer chair waiting for summer to arrive. But now summer is over. Yet, as I sit here and as I recall all the events that occured this summer, I marvel at the way that all those events have managed to fit themselves in just a mere six-week period.

So many things have happened. The graduation party… the surprise for the “twins” and the ecounter with Adeng… that glorious worship night… the pasta italiana party… the trip to Batangas… the surprise from kuya allen… the violin lessons… the fellowship… the CE’s… Ate Ja’s birthday… not to mention all the academic stuff as well the dealings and disciplines that I had to undergo… This blog may not be enough to list down all those events as well as the lessons learned from each of those events.

This, perhaps, may be the reason why the importance of seizing the day has suddenly become so real to me. Each day holds an important lesson no matter how mundane a day may be. And if a boring day still holds a lesson, what more the exciting and activity packed day? If we forget or neglect to seize the day – if we let it pass without getting anything from it – then we lose out on so many nuggets of wisdom and lessons in life.

How do we seize the day? Living every moment (as opposed to JUST existing in every moment) is a start and grabbing the valuable lessons follows. Yet our memories can not retain every event, every lesson, and every emotion from each day so seizing the day may also include CAPTURING the moment forever – not just in our  memories but perhaps in a drawing, a painting, a poem, a song, or a piece like this. That way we can go back to the memory if our brains forget to retain it.

Seize the day… seize the day… may the importance of seizing the day also be real to you – never let a single day pass without experiencing the fulness of that day.

5 thoughts on “Seize the Day”

  1. …reminds me to treasure every single day God gives to me.. and not just to treasure, but to actually ‘sieze’ it and makes the best out of it! (astig ka pala magsulat e)

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